Final Ruling in TGPA/ZOU Case

Dear RCU friends and supporters:

On April 25th, the TGPA/ZOU case was heard in court, and the final decision released late May. Things did not go as we’d hoped for RCU, and many primary issues were lost.

The ‘wins’ involve denunciation of the expanded uses into forested areas, impacts of infill and the Home Occupation Ordinance on water quality, impacts from development on slopes over 30%, and impacts on wildlife from development around Bass Lake.  Each of these overturns sections of the Environmental Impact Report and requires a rewrite prior to proceeding with development that is dependent upon those particular policy changes.

While you may be disheartened by groups out there running victory laps, please know that our losses should not be considered as vindication that what this county did in rezoning over 37,000 parcels was ‘okay’. The court’s ruling was riddled with phrases that point to procedural errors, indicating that the facts of our case have not been fully heard.

As our group discusses the many factors that go into a possible appeal, pay attention to the development projects that pop up around you, and challenge those where poor discretionary decisions are being made. This case highlights the importance of the Supervisorial position, so vote accordingly, and HOLD YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE.

Ellen Van Dyke for RCU

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