Some of the larger issues with the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance update (TGPA/ZOU):

  • Rezoning 37,000 parcels all together as one unit did not allow for individual, site-specific review to identify problems. This rezoning was done without direct notification to most property owners or adjacent property owners. Conflicts are being created and zoning is unnecessarily intensified in many cases.
  • Massive changes to the Zoning Ordinance have been misrepresented to the public as ‘implementation’ of our General Plan.  In reality, only elements increasing development are being implemented, while ‘protective’ elements, such as the Scenic Corridor and Cultural/Historical Ordinances, are being deferred or reduced.
  • The Travel Demand Model (TDM) is flawed, downplaying traffic problems with data that does NOT match conditions on the ground, seemingly to allow additional development to be approved.
  • The County does not acknowledge current Hwy 50 traffic conditions.  Gridlock, stop-and-go traffic (Level of service ‘F’) exists now yet many more parcels are already approved and not yet built.
  • The County does not have adequate groundwater to support the increased development approved under the TGPA/ZOU